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Biographie LED Outdoor Lights make the perfect way to extend the hours you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces and get the perfect look you want. As an added bonus they can save you money too.

LED Outdoor Bollards are typically comprised of materials like die-cast aluminum, steel, and concrete polymer that can easily withstand repeated exposure to sun, wind, and rain. The durability of these fixtures makes them ideal for landscape lighting.

LED Outdoor Garden Lights are touted as the next big thing in energy efficient garden lighting. Its characteristics make them particularly suitable for outdoor use. LED outdoor garden lights utilize two main sources of power: solar and electricity.

LED Outdoor Street Lights consist of cooling body, a LED module as light source, a constant current LED driver, an optical lens that provide asymmetric light distribution and a tempered glass as optical cover.

LED outdoor wall lights are fantastic additions to your outdoor areas because of their double-duty functions.

LED Outdoor Bulkhead Lights are named after the bulkhead fitting – a type of fitting that connects the light casing to a wall or surface. This tough, effective lighting option can withstand difficult weather conditions and busy spaces, making them perfect for outdoor and indoor lighting alike.

Solar LED Outdoor Lights are an energy-efficient and cost effective way to brighten up the outside of your home.

The main component of Solar LED Outdoor Bollards is having an electronic circuit design that can withstand the test of time as this is normally the first component to fail.

Solar LED Outdoor Garden Lights is a kind of garden light. It uses solar radiation energy as energy. During the day, it uses solar panels to charge the battery, and at night, the battery supplies power to the garden light source. There is no need to lay complicated and expensive pipelines, and the layout of the lamps can be adjusted arbitrarily. It is safe, energy-saving, pollution-free, and energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Today, it is a better outdoor lighting when advocating green development.

Solar LED Outdoor Street Lights are raised light sources which are powered by solar panels generally mounted on the lighting structure or integrated into the pole itself. The solar panels charge a rechargeable battery, which powers a LED lamp during the night. 
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